K.C. Wells is one of my favorite people. She’s so very kind, is wonderful to talk to, has a wonderful accent and writes really good books. It was great to finally get her on Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast this week. Will and I talk to her about her latest, Out of the Shadows (which Will also reviews in the show), where she gets all of her plot bunnies, what’s coming next and even why she’s starting up a new pen name this fall.

We also talk about the show’s nomination in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, talk about poly/menage book recommendations and the new Amazon show, The Last Tycoon. I also discuss this year’s Cycle for the Cause ride, which he’s participating in this year as a “virtual” crew member. For anyone who donates $100 or more to Cycle for the Cause, I’ll send them an autographed paperback of my new YA cyber thriller Tracker Hacker when it comes out in October (details are on my donation page).

Hope you’ll check out all the fun in this week’s show!