I’ve talked on the show the past few weeks on how much I’ve enjoyed discovering Heidi Cullinan’s Roosevelt series–Carry the Ocean and Shelter the Sea. It was a pleasure to interview Heidi along with voice artist Iggy Toma to hear about how she came up with Emmett, Jeremy, David, Darren and the rest of the amazing characters that populate the Roosevelt series. Beyond getting the scoop on the story, hearing from Iggy on creating the characters for audio was also a treat. We’ve had authors and voice artists together a few times on the podcast and it’s always great hearing about their collaborative processes too. The interview is great and they’ll be back next week to tell us more about their work together and what’s next for them.

This week we also have Christina from Christina’s Bookshelf on with some book recommendations. Plus, not surprisingly, we talk about The Hockey Player’s Heart too. Our first novel collaboration is out this week and we talk about what’s happening with the release, including the ongoing blog tour.

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