This week’s Jeff & WIll’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast is jam packed! Will and I got the chance to chat with Lucy Lennox at the end of last week about the Heart2Heart anthology that comes out on Wednesday. This anthology, which benefits three LGBT charties, features a dozen authors writing about couples that have been mismatched by a dating site with a wonky alogrithm. The premise sounds super cute and the cause it supports is fantastic.

I also had the chance to interview audiobook narrator extradonaire Greg Tremblay for the show. I’ve met Greg a few times as well as listened to his work and he’s a favorite. I got to learn about his origins as a narrator, his upcoming projects and his process for recording. I enjoyed hearing his story. He’s also got a great giveaway for listeners too so you should stop over this week to get your name in the hat for the prizes.

Check out episode 122 now!