What a March it’s been! It was great getting back into the regular podcast recording schedule this week. Even though we needed to take a couple weeks off to get our move done, I still missed getting in front of the mic on Sunday mornings with Will and doing the show. And so much went down in the two weeks we were running pre-recorded episodes. We recap the news in the top of episode 139, including awesome news about TJ Klune, Suzanne Brockmann and some RITA Award finalists (big shout out there to Heidi Cullinan for the amazing Shelter the Sea.

Beyond the recap, Will talks a lot about bunnies of all kinds (and if you can talk about bunnies the week before Easter, when can you???) I review Facing West by Lucy Lennox and I talk about NBC’s new High School Musical meets Fame series Rise. Plus Will and I talk about the film Every Day, which is the movie adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time.

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