Rivals by Jeff Adams

An M/M Holiday Hockey Romance

Mitchell Turner and Alex Goodman squared off over a face-off dot throughout high school. Their schools were cross-country rivals. Those face-offs were tough on Mitchell because he harbored a huge crush on Alex. High school, and college, are behind the guys and they meet unexpectedly on Thanksgiving Day, once again on the ice. Mitchell is home for the holidays and is thrilled to see his crush all grown up.

Alex asks Mitchell out for coffee to catch up. Could this be the start of something magical for the holidays … and beyond? 

Type: Short Story / 12,228 words
Format: Ebook / Audiobook (performed by Derrick McClain)
Publisher: Big Gay Media

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“It is a sweet and hot romance.” – 4.5 star review by Brandilyn on Prism Book Alliance

“… the guys work well together, the writing is solid, it is enjoyable to read, and there is just a touch of getting exactly what you want during the holiday season.” – 4.25 star review by Michelle on Joyfully Jay

“Derrick McClain does another really nice job with this lovely short story! … A great way to enjoy this lovely little story!” – 4.5 star review by Morgan A Skye on Audible

“When did you get a slap shot?” I was stunned and I knew my face showed it. It wasn’t often that Trevor surprised me on the ice.

“I’ve been working on it,” he said, pride coming through in his voice. “I’m trying to get on an intramural team next fall for my last year. I figure I can run in the spring and play a little hockey in the fall. It’ll beat tryin’ to get in on some pick up game, which are always over crowded.”

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