Photo on 11-19-14 at 12.08 PM

I, like many gay men of my generation, watched and loved the Wonder Woman TV show. Lynda Carter embodied strength, intelligence, beauty and a kick-ass fashion sense. My love for the iconic character has never wavered and, over the years, I’ve collected a lot of Wonder Woman ephemera. I decided to showcase my collection on what I’m calling #WonderWomanWednesday.

Today’s collectable is a 14″ doll that I got off of ebay. She is made of medium density plastic, not rigid like an action figure, but not squishy like a pet’s chew toy. Her arms are the only point of articulation and the only marking she has is a 1988 DC copyright date, so I’ve no clue who made her. I vaguely remember seeing this doll in a card shop in the mid eighties and I believe there was an accompanying Batman (and possibly Superman) of similar design.