Today I did my morning pages as per usual and then had a quick cardio workout. I then spent the morning putting together my NEW TREADMILL DESK! Putting it together wasn’t that difficult, but I’m getting a little too old to be crawling around on the floor attaching large steel pieces (this desk is VERY sturdy), I haz me some serious aches! I got it positioned and hooked up in my office (thanks to my every helpful husband) and the computer rebooted as well. Tomorrow I’ll finish arranging some of the other furniture and I’ll be ready to go!

Yesterday I finished rereading Sweet Dreams, the first book in the Alex Kane series by John Preston. I really, really love this adventure series and I think it’s a crying shame that they’ve been completely forgotten. Originally released in the 1980’s, they were reprinted in the 90’s, but have been out of print for more than 20 years. I plan on writing a review in the next day or two and share my thoughts on the series which I hope, in some small way, bring it to the attention of modern readers.