12193623_917301271674041_2097086358199775016_nIn our very special sweet sixteen episode of the Big Gay Fiction Podcast, we had the chance to chat with author Jordan Nasser about his books Home is a Fire and The Fire Went Wild. I finished reading both of them not too long ago and I can’t recommend them enough. Seriously, I LOVED these books and I highly recommend them!

Jordan asked our listeners, “How do the seasons affect your reading–the amount of reading and the kinds of books you’re reading?”

I would’ve sworn that I generally read less in the summer, but looking back at my reading list from 2015, I saw that my rate stayed pretty steady throughout the year (I only read one book in September, I remember being particularly busy though).  As for the kind of books that I prefer, I don’t think that has much seasonality either. It has more to do with what I just finished reading and wether I’m in the mood for more of the same, or I need a breather and search my TBR for some thing completely different.

How about you? Do the seasons affect your reading habits?

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Everyone who answers this week’s question will be entered in a drawing for paperback copies of Jordan’s books Home is a Fire and The Fire Went Wild. Trust me, you’re gonna want these, so comment and enter today at BigGayFictionPodcast.com!