Video Store Valentine by Geoffrey Knight

All film school student Dex wants to do for Valentine’s Day is head to his local video store, grab a DVD and a few snacks (okay, maybe more than a few) and settle in for a quiet night at home… alone.

Working the rental counter that night is Taylor, the too good-looking to be real clerk who leaves Dex awkwardly tongue-tied. When a robbery finds the two of them locked in the back storage room together, they find a way to pass the time through their shared love of movies and mutual attraction.

Once freed, they make plans for a real romantic Valentine’s date. A little VHS and chill maybe?

Geoffrey Knight’s Video Store Valentine is a broadly comedic short filled with movie references and sweet romance. The cute, flirty banter between movie nerd Dex and struggling actor Taylor is goofy and charming. They’re a match made in rom-com heaven.

A movie nerd myself, is it weird to say that after reading this, I kind of miss the good old days of local mom and pop video stores?