Monster Till Midnight by E.J. Russell

Brady’s new place is the ideal setting for a super spooky haunted house on Halloween night. He’s got the perfect costume, plenty of candy and scary décor – he even hires help to handle all the trick or treaters. But when the big night arrives, no one shows up. Even the guy from the temp agency arrives late wearing weird tactical gear.

Rej is an agent from another dimension and he’s tracked someone through time and space to Brady’s doorstep. Gorvenath has used his magic and technology to create havoc across multiple dimensions and it looks like Brady is his latest victim. That’s not just a jack o’ lantern mask he’s wearing… it’s become his actual head.

They need turn Brady back into himself and uncover any clues to Gorvenath’s whereabouts. Can a squirrel/octopus hybrid and a pile of candy corn provide the answer? And will they ever get a chance to explore their growing attraction to one another?

Monster Till Midnight delightfully combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and romance. Brady and Rej have a wonderfully weird meet-cute and this story hints at their possible continuing adventures. If these two ever get their own full-length book… well, sign me up, because I can’t wait to see what Brady and Raj get up to next.