My Merman Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey

Rian awakens in the hospital, unable to remember a thing. Not the accident that brought him there, not even the smokin’ hot boyfriend at his bedside. Jarred takes him back to a gloomy gothic mansion that overlooks the sea, Jarred’s ancestral estate on the coast of Maine.

Rian spends the next few days trying to remember anything about his previous life. The attraction to his mysterious lover is hard to deny as they spend more and more time together. One early morning, he follows Jarred down a mysterious passage that runs underneath the house to a sea cave laden with treasure.

His boyfriend is a merman! No spoilers there, it is the title of the story after all.

Rian also remembers the cause of his amnesia. It was no accident. Someone in the house wants him dead!

The villain makes one last attempt to do away with Rian. But a cliffside scuffle sends the murderer over the edge, leaving our heroes to happily swim off into the proverbial sunset.

My Merman Boyfriend packs a lot of gothic punch in its short page count. I really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere, the sense of foreboding, which is so important when comes to a gothic romance like this. Rian is a likeable hero who works hard to solve the puzzle of his connection to this place, and its enigmatic owner. And let’s not forget Jarred, Rian’s handsome, slightly broody, mysterious lover. Talk about a hero worth pinning over. *swoon*

I loved Elizabeths Monvey’s modern take on these classic gothic romance tropes.