A Lord to Love by Sara Dobie Bauer

John has had a year’s long legal battle with a neighboring Lord over a piece of land between their adjoining estates. When the neighbor dies and leaves everything to his youngest son, John proposes a unique solution to the dispute – he’ll give up the land, if the new Lord agrees to marry him.

John has been pinning for Harrison for years and, as it so happens, Harrison has craved that attention from his older neighbor. He formally agrees to the deal but doesn’t want to wait for their wedding night. He wants his first experience with John immediately and they spend an amazing night together exploring the desires they’ve each held for so long.

Over the next month they grow even closer. Their wedding day is beautiful and romantic. Their wedding night is filled with more passion and declarations of devotion. What started as a business transaction, proves to be an ideal love match for Harrison and John. They undoubtedly have many happy years to look forward to.

A Lord to Love is an unquestionably sexy historical short, and the author does a terrific job of bringing that passion to life on the page. But it’s not just about the sexual chemistry between the characters (there is definitely plenty of that), it’s about the way they love each other and how they express it with small acts of kindness, or how they are each invested in being equal partners who lift each other up.

It’s wonderful how, in just a few pages, we are able to understand how John and Harrison are completely devoted to each other’s happiness.