Holigay by KM Neuhold

When an unexpected breakup leaves Matt with an extra ticket to Fiji, he can think of no other person he’d rather spend the holiday with than his best friend Caspian. Once they arrive, they start to think of each other in a new way. When they finally give in to their long-held curiosity, they end up spending a week having the best sex of their lives. But when it’s time to return home, the question remains, are they just friends, or can they maintain that holigay magic all year round?

This Christmas novella from KM Neuhold really turns up the heat for the two main characters. Matt and Caspian’s chemistry is obvious from the start and when they take their friendship to the next level, watch out, because the tropical holiday friction they generate… it’s almost too hot to handle!

If you need something short, sexy, and sweet, then Holigay is a read that will most definitely satisfy.