The Holiday Hookup by Baylin Crow

Finn can’t believe his awful luck when he pulls Hunter’s name in the office secret Santa gift exchange. He cannot stand the oversized, lackadaisical, ex-jock and his stupid handsome face. When Hunter learns that Finn drew his name, he lets him know that all he wants for Christmas is Finn.

That night Finn goes out for drinks with a friend and Hunter happens to be there. While walking Finn home, Hunter assures him that, if given the opportunity, he’ll give Finn a night he’ll never forget. Frustrated and horny, Finn kisses the persistent jerk, before taking him up to his apartment where hunter does, in fact, blow Finn’s mind.

Their one-night stand continues the next morning with shower sex, then watching tv while eating the breakfast that Hunter went out and got. The big lug has kinda made himself at home in Finn’s life and he begrudgingly begins to realize that he doesn’t really mind… much.

Monday morning at the office, Hunter is charmingly attentive and still working his particular brand of low-key seduction. The weekend was fun, really fun, but Finn isn’t interested in a workplace romance. Hunter is nothing if not persistent and, using an after-hours blow job at Finn’s desk to persuade him, Finn eventually agrees to go as a couple to the office Christmas party.

In matching sweaters that Hunter insisted they wear, they win the ugly sweater contest and exchange their secret Santa gifts. This holiday HEA wasn’t part of Finn’s Christmas plans. Hunter drives him crazy… crazy in love. And as it turns out, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

This workplace/opposites attract story was a total win in every way. I just loved the way these two characters fed off one another… talk about chemistry! Finn is very type A, with definite plans for everything, while Hunter is more ‘take things as they come’. But when he set his sights on Finn, it was only a matter of time before he would win him over with his unique, laid-back approach – they were totally meant to be together, and he’d wait however long it took for Finn to realize it.

I loved The Holiday Hookup. It’s a sexy, fun, short read that will definitely lift your yuletide spirits.