Happy Holidays to You and Yours – BGFP episode 168

We wish everyone a happy, stress-free Christmas.

Jeff kicks off the review portion of the podcast talking about Ravensong by TJ Klune and narrated by Kirt Graves as well as the short story sequel, Lovesong.

Switching over to holiday stories, I review A Cowboy’s Christmas Luck by KC Burn and Christmas Angel by Eli Easton. Jeff discusses Sugar Cookies & Computer Code by Kris Jacen and Christmas Prince by RJ Scott.

Jeff interviews John Solo, who provided the narration for the first book in the Codename: Winger series. John talks about working on Tracker Hacker, which was his first young adult novel. They also discuss how John got involved in narrating audiobooks, his process for recording and what kinds of characters are in his wheelhouse. John also talks about what new audiobooks are coming soon.

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My Picks for Best Hallmark Christmas Movies 2018

Jeff and I are huge fans of the Christmas content the Hallmark channel creates each holiday season. We watched all of the movies (there we like a gazillion this year) and below are my picks for the best this season had to offer. Please note: “Best” is a relative term and completely subjective. These are simply the movies I personally enjoyed the most.

My Favorite Christmas Movie from the Hallmark Channel: A Shoe Addicts Christmas

The delightful Jean Smart and Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure and Luke Macfarlane must team up when her department store and his local firehouse throw a joint Christmas fundraiser. They of course, fall in love during the process. Jean Smart is a bumbling fairy godmother/christmas angel who tries to steer Candace into making the best life choices by having her try on different footwear. The shoes give Candace a glimpse into what her live will become if she makes the wrong decisions.

Out and proud Canadian cutie-pie Luke Macfarlane

Runners-up: Entertaining Christmas and A Majestic Christmas

Jodies Sweetin stars in Entertaining Christmas as the daughter of a famous Martha Stewart-like lifestyle expert, who must create an unforgettable Christmas extravaganza for a small-town family, despite the fact that she’s more comfortable with spreadsheets than cookie sheet pans.

Jerrika Hinton and Christian Vincent must team up to refurbish a small-town playhouse in time for the yearly Christmas pagent/show in A Majestic Christmas. Jeff and I met met doing community theatre, so the setting of this movie gave me all the warm, cozy holiday feels.


My Favorite Christmas Movie from the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel: Northern Lights of Christmas

Ashley Williams and Corey Sevier

Ashley Williams is a pilot who inherits a ranch in Alaska (complete with reindeer!). She enlists the help of Corey Seiver to decorate the place to entice prospective buyers, but falls in love with the ranch and him in the process. I like Ashely Williams a lot, she’s totally charming and a little bit goofy, two things I like in a Hallmark movie heroine. Then there’s Corey Seiver… GAH, sooo damn dreamy!

Runner-up: I liked a lot more of the 2018’s HM&M offerings than I thought I would, but I want call special attention to the ungainly titled, Time For Me to Come Home For Christmas

Josh Henderson and Megan Park are two travelers trying to get home of Christmas in Time For Me to Come Home for Christmas. After their on-the-road holiday adventure, she realizes he’s a country music superstar. I liked Josh Henderson from his time on Dallas and The Arrangement. He has fun chemistry with Megan Park here.

Also Worth Checking Out: Christmas Around the Corner

Lifetime is another cable channel that has made a name for itself with original programing, Christmas movies included. Christmas Around the Corner is the story of a NYC gal who comes to a small Vermont town to vacation/work in a local bookstore. She revitalizes the store and the town’s Christmas spirit. It’s wonderful and charming, and for booklovers like myself, the bookstore setting is a holiday dream come true!

Interested in what Jeff thought of the holiday TV movies on offer this past season? Check out his “Best Of” choices here.

Feelin’ Fabulous and Festive with Joyfully Jay and Tere Michaels – BGFP episode 167

Jeff announces that Tracker Hacker (Codename: Winger #1) is now available on audio!

I review The Northstar by Elle Keaton and Designer Holiday by Ari McKay (Gah, they’re both so good!)

Jay from Joyfully Jay drops by to discuss the updated Holiday Favorites List as well as some of her classic favorites by Heidi Cullinan, Charlie Cochet and Roan Parrish. She also looks at some 2018 stories by Annabeth Albert, N.R. Walker, Jordan L. Hawk, Kim Fielding and RJ Scott. Jay also previews her Annual Favorites list, which includes Whisper by Tal Bauer and Oz by Lily Morton.

Jeff interviews Tere Michaels about the upcoming release of Forever & Ever, the final book in the Faith, Love and Devotion series. They also discuss what got her started in m/m romance, her writing process as well as her teaching and work with Book Lovers Convention. Tere is also a Coastal Magic Convention featured author and she talks about what she loves about Coastal Magic and why listeners should attend.

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Holiday Reads and the Return of JP Barnaby – BGFP episode 166

Before discussing Christmas stories, Jeff talks about the cosy mystery Dead in the Garden by Dahlia Donovan. For holiday reads, I review the sexy tales, Santa Daddy by Keira Andrews and Fairytale of LaGuardia by A.E. Wasp and Beth Bolden. Jeff discusses A Star-Crossed Christmas by V.L. Locey.

Jeff interviews JP Barnaby about her return to writing, starting with Saving Hannah. They also talk about the degree she’s getting in creative writing, her love of the Food Network and cooking and what projects she’s working on next.

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Holiday Reads and a Visit With Silvia Violet – BGFP episode 164

Jeff and I wish everyone a very happy Hanukkah.

Listeners are reminded they can watch the live recording of the podcast on Sunday morning around 8:30am PT on the show’s Facebook page. The upcoming hiatus at The Novel Approach blog is also discussed.

Jeff talks about last week’s release of Audio Assault (Codename: Winger #3) as well as the audiobook he recorded for his Christmas short, A Very Winger Christmas.

I review His Christmas Sweater by C.M. Valencourt and A Kiss Before Christmas by A.E. Ryecart. We also review Fred & Ginger by Isobel StarlingJeff talks about Ben’s Bakery and the Hanukkah Miracle by Penelope Peters and Pretty Pretty Boys by Gregory Ashe.

Jeff and I welcome Silvia Violet to discuss her new release, Painfully Attractive, which is book four in the Love and Care series. They also discuss Silvia’s upcoming MPREG series, Trillium Creek as well as how she got started in m/m romance, who her author influences are and what’s coming up for Silvia in 2019.

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