Wonder Woman Wednesday


Photo on 5-6-15 at 9.29 AM

This figure is from the mid-80’s and was a premium offer from… somewhere. I can’t remember if she came from a fast food restaurant or was a mail-in offer. Her odd pose, as if she were driving an oversized car (or perhaps an invisible jet) is because she originally held a sippy cup. I used the cup as a toothbrush holder for many years before the junky plastic it was made of began to degrade and started to leak. I tossed the cup and kept the amazon princess.


Photo on 4-29-15 at 9.42 AM

Here is a plastic Wonder Woman figurine that was a mail-in premium offer from Kraft in 1998. If I remember correctly, I collected and mailed-in mac ‘n cheese box tops (though the offer may have been available using any Kraft products). I believe Batman and Superman were also available as part of this promotion.


Photo on 4-3-15 at 10.42 AM

This 4 1/2″ figurine was released through Hallmark stores in 1996. This particular figure depicts Golden Age Wonder Woman circa 1942. There is a corresponding “modern” version that I’ll show off next, as soon as I do some repair work on her (she had a rough time of it during our last move).