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Last night was not a good one for the teams I play on.

The Ordinals went up against the Sled Dogs, the lowest ranked team in our division and one that we should’ve beaten. It was clear, however, that three weeks off — and being snowed out of our practice Thursday at Lasker — took its toll. The whole team wasn’t playing with it’s usual speed or focus and the cost us with a 4-6 loss. I played D last night and had a good time with it, but made more than one stupid move — it’s the stupid moves that have to leave my game before going to Montreal.

The Tigers, the lowest ranked team in D8, went against the Blizzard, which I think is the top ranked D8 team. I always enjoy playing the Blizzard because they’re a team that knows what they’re doing and they’re just good guys, especially the team captain, Mike. But it was a massive blowout. It was at least 0-8, and maybe more because I think they stopped keeping score on the board around the same time the clock went into running time, with around 5 minutes left in the third period. I played center in this game and some how managed to be on the ice for about 2/3 of the goals. I’m not sure if I could’ve done more to stop what was happening, part of the problem here was out of position players not helping the puck clearing.

Two things I’ve noticed really bother me when I play:
1) Out of position players. When you look up and can’t find the person you’re looking for, it’s really difficult.
2) Players who just don’t skate. You can’t play the game and just stand still, or glide, on the ice. You’ve gotta move and anticipate what’s going on with the puck.

One great thing did happen during practice in the morning. I recruited a guy that’s been at practice for the last few months. He’ll be a sub for the Ordinals over the spring/summer season and I think he’ll make a great addition to the team because he’s got speed and firepower.