Jeff Adams: Queer Romance + Queer Young Adult

Jeff Adams is an author of queer romances and queer young adult stories. You can find out about all of his books here, and also purchase them directly at the lowest price. Jeff is also the co-host of the Big Gay Fiction Podcast, where you can hear him talking to other authors, as well as recommending books that he loves. He’s also co-written Content for Everyone, a non-fiction book to help authors, podcasters, and other creatives understand how to create accessible content for their websites, emails, and social media posts.

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Currently, the Work In Progress tier features an Untitled Story featuring a friends-to-lovers romance between a hockey player and a ballet dancer. As of July 8, the story came to an end. All of the chapters are available now to read. A new WIP (actually two) are coming soon..

As a Follower, you get instant access to bonus stories, including The Hockey Player’s Snow Day, Taking a Shot at Love (a Ream exclusive), and the Keeping Kyle bonus epilogue Kyle & Austin’s Provincetown Vacation.


Content for Everyone

In his day job, Jeff’s a web accessibility expert working with companies around the world to improve their website accessibility. With Content for Everyone: A Practical Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs to Produce Accessible and Usable Web Content, he’s teamed up with his colleague Michele Lucchini to bring their knowledge to authors, podcasters, musicians, artists, and creatives of all kinds. Whether it’s a website, email newsletter or a social media post, Content for Everyone has details on how to make the content accessible within the platforms creatives are already using.

Content for Everyone is available in ebook, audiobook, paperback and large-print paperback anywhere you buy books.

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