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Saturday was another loosing hockey night. Both teams lost to some large margins — Tigers shut out 0-6 and Ordinals nearly shut out with 1-8.

The upside was that the games were at least a good time. The Ordinals played the Wizards, and they are always good for a fun game. What made the game even better was the Wizards captain and I played together in the Tigers game earlier in the evening.

It’s always important to have a good time, win or loose. There are few things I like less than not liking the team I’m playing against. Luckily it doesn’t happen often. So, if we had to loose, I’m glad it was to the Wizards — it helped them solidify their #1 position in D7 and I’m always for an NYCGHA team being in the top tier of a division.

I wrote last week that I recruited a player from Ronnie’s Ice. That was a good move. He got uniformly good reviews from the Ordinals and the Wizards players that I talked to about his performance. It will be good to have him around for the spring season.