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It’s been a long dry spell between wins… on either team… but the Ordinals pulled off a win last night against BNP, 4-3.

The team had some good hustle last night, and the second period slump was less of a slump that it had been in recent weeks. That was critical because BNP was fast and aggressive all night. The Ordinals D were really on and the forwards were more in synch and making some breakouts too. And goalie John was having an excellent game, at one point successfully defending a 3-on-none breakaway. It was thrilling to watch that save.

The key for the Ordinals now is to manage the shift length more, still taking some shifts too long. Hopefully taking the new manifesto to heart will help bring those in line.

Just one game left in the season for the Ordinals, which will mark the Ordinals 50th game! Two games are left for the Tigers. Everything ends April 1 and then we’re off until playoffs complete. Everyone should be back in play on April 29.