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As the Ordinals’ third season closed out, the team racked up it’s 50 game and stands with a record of 19-29-1-1. The final game was sadly a blow-out of 1-14, but it was against the Imperials, a team we never manage to beat. By the time I got their for the start of the third period (I was in a power skating class and missed the first two periods, more on the class coming soon), it was already 1-9. Hopefully the spring season will be kinder to us. Regardless of our record, at least we love getting out playing the game, which is good since everyone gives up a part of Saturday afternoon / evening to do it.

Here’s a look at the team picture, shot post-game on Saturday (and including a couple of alumni, alternates and new players who either played or happened to be at the rink).