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The Tigers wrapped up the spring season this past Saturday with a 3-3 tie with the Rockets. It was quite the nail biting game. We were up 2-0, and then I got color blind and mis-read a red Rockets players as an orange Tiger player and allowed a goal in because I was defending like I should be. They scored again and got it to 2-2. Then, with about a minute to go, they scored again. But then, in one of those Miracle sort of moments, we scored again. The score stayed at 3-3 as the five minute overtime ended… no shootouts here.

The NYCGHA held its first ever spring draft party on Sunday afternoon. Because so many people drop from full time for the summer so they can be away on weekends, the we were forced to drop to two teams. So, we decided to mix everyone up and form two completely new teams for all. I got drafted to, what is currently called, NYCGHA Sky Blue (which is sad sort of because I really wanted to be on NYCGHA Purple because I have always wanted a purple jersey… but that was the randomness of the draft at work). So now the team has to pick a captain and a team name. That should be interesting, check back late next week to see the result. The new season starts up April 29!