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Week one of the off season is in full swing (we don’t start up again until April 29). I went to Ronnie’s Ice this morning and had a good time. I got on ice about 45 minutes early so I could work on some of the skating techniques I learned last week. Spent a bit of time on forward strides, and I lot of time on the backwards crossovers because I’m worried I’ll forget how to do those. Even though it’s at 9 next week, I may show up at 8 and work on skating and then just bail out since I’m sure the crowd will be too much. We did a great short ice passing drill today, totally wore me out because we just kept going for about 20 minutes… but since this was the only hockey of the day, I didn’t mind just going full out.

The NYCGHA spring blue team continues its path towards formation. I have been nominated to captain. I’m in the running with one other person, so we’ll see how that vote turns out (should know by Thursday I think). Also, voted on a ton of team names (we managed to generate a crazy number of 55 names… oy). My favorites (and the ones I voted for) were Chelsea Fog, Backcheck Boys and Blue Thunder. The Fog name is so ideal… this morning when I got to the rink, there was a nice layer of fog on the ice, and fog on the ice is a can be a pretty consistent thing in the summer. The team name should also be announced on Thursday.