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The spring hockey season got underway this past Saturday. Storm was first up at 4pm. It was fun playing in a whole new configuration and the team did gel fast. We ended up down 0-3 in the first period, but we managed to have a scoreless second period and then posted two of our own goals in the third. So a first game that ends at 2-3 is not bad at all. I think this team has some great potential, so it will be interesting to see how the gelling continues. Unfortunately Storm is off this week, so hopefully that won’t hurt the team too much.

Speaking of hurt… I had the scariest injury I’ve ever had in the second period of the Storm game. I was on a breakout from defense and was just about to shoot when on of the Sled Dogs started trying to interfere with the shot. I did get the shot off, and did force the goalie to stop it. But, me and the Sled Dogs player got somehow tangled up and I slammed into the board, head first and went down. The sound inside the helmet was amazingly loud, and I fully expected to see stars when I opened my eyes. Luckily that didn’t happen… but man did it hurt. It took me a couple minutes to get up and get moving again, and I sat out about 1/2 of the second period making sure I was doing ok. I’ve got a bruise on the back of my neck from where the helmet hit. And my throat hurts because my chest protector got driven into my neck as well. I’m mostly now just stiff across my neck and shoulders, though it is better this morning than yesterday. Hopefully I can work out some of the kinks at the gym this morning.

After the Storm game, I moved on to the Ordinals season opener at 10pm. The game didn’t do me any favors in terms of my injury. I got knocked on my back at one point, and again sat down for a few shifts because it triggered a sharp headache. And then first shift back out, I got slammed in the head by someone shoulder. Ugh! I did finish the game though. The Ordinals managed to bring home a dramatic overtime shoot out victory. The new folks I recruited—Roman, Gabe and Doug—all scored and goalie John made some amazing saves during the game and all three saves in the shoot-out. A great way to start the season. Hopefully it’s the beginning of some good stuff for the Ordinals, there were some issues to work out, but I think the team will continue to focus on what it needs to do be a play off contender this season!