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Storm played another great game last night. Recall the June 12 post where I said the Storm had a good game against the Blizzard, where the playing had finally seemed to gel. Well, even though Storm hasn’t played together since that June 10 game, we made a great showing last night with a 3-4 overtime, shoot-out loss. The game was stacked against us quickly in the first period as the Sled Dogs got two goals in the opening 90 seconds. But Storm refused to give up and the game ended up tied and remained tied after the 4-on-4 overtime. It took the shoot out to decide the game. Sadly, I’m the one that lost it for us because I couldn’t answer the goal the Sled Dogs put in the fourth cycle of the shoot-out.

But, Storm played amazing. People were in their positions (and covering positions with the defense players made offensive runs), people were skating hard, carrying the puck and looking for smart passes. It was a fun game full of team spirit.

The Ordinals had a bad night. We played BNP and despite the fact they only had six players total and we had 12 we had a disastrous 2-10 loss. There’s nothing really to say about it other than it was really disappointing.

Meanwhile, prep continues for the Outgames. I’m doing the NYCGHA Thursday night clinic session, Ronnie’s Ice on Saturday mornings (including some great bonus coaching, which I really appreciate) and there’s the Wizards practices this afternoon and again next Sunday!