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Less than two weeks now until the 1st World OutGames open. I watched some of the stories on Logo from Chicago’s Gay Games VII and I just know that the Montreal trip is going to be incredible. I’ve got six more opportunities to be on the ice before we leave for the games.

The two practices with the Wizards were really good. Johannes got a good coach who has been putting us through some good group drills that emphasize working together as a team. That’s been really good for me since I don’t usually get to play with the Wizards players.

In regular hockey play this weekend, both teams took losses. For the first time in the two years I’ve played on both teams, the games were scheduled for the same time. I played for Storm because they were short handed, they had 10 skaters with me. We were against the Rampaging Moose and it was a good game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the game the team had played in the past two outings.

There were flashes of really good stuff, but the whole thing just couldn’t quite gel. On the upside though, all thee goals that were scored against us happened in the third period and then we were done letting them score. We could never quite generate the offense necessary to score for ourselves. I still enjoyed the game though. I felt like it was a strong defensive game for me… and I really find that Jonathan and I are coming together as a defensive pair really well. We complement each other well and always seem to just know where the other one is.

The Ordinals crossed the half-way point in their season this weekend with a 1-2 loss against the Sled Dogs. At least it was a closer game that what we’ve been playing recently. I did deliver news to the team post-game that the roster was going to be looked at very closely for fall and that everyone was auditioning for their fall roster slots. At this point, with the dismal fall season and a spring that’s not going so well, something has to be done for the fall. My hope is that everyone really steps up and works hard to earn their slots, which in turn will significantly improve the team’s standing in the division. Then, going into fall the Ordinals can be serious contenders.