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Got in three league games this weekend, and they were all a good time.

Friday night, the Storm played in one of our two Friday night outings during the season. We went up against Kenyon, one of the top ranked teams in the division, and held up pretty well with a final score of 1-3. While it was a loss, one of the awesome things that happened is the first period was 0-0 and we don’t usually come out that strong in the first period. Saturday night Storm played the Angry Hornets, another top team. This was a 2-5 loss, but again… and great go for the team. This was another great game for Storm. It should’ve been a 2-4 game, but within the last two minutes, our goalie got hurt and had to step out so we had defensemen in the net. In the first shift of that configuration a goal got scored. I took the second shift of that, and somehow managed to block two shots that came in (I was shocked).

One other odd play I had during the Saturday Storm game was that I actually played the puck with my feet successfully. I was trying to break up a play in the neutral zone and lost my stick doing it. I kicked the puck once and got it off someone’s stick and then kicked it again into our offensive zone and started an offensive rush because of it.

The Ordinals game last night was a huge blow out in the wrong direction, an 2-11 loss against the Imperials. But, the thing that was great is that team started the game fighting and ended the game fighting. We had a spirit and a skill level that I have not seen in weeks and that was made me really happy! If the team comes out swinging like that every game, we have a good chance at pulling out wins before the season ends.