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We spent a few hours out and around to get our credentials and check out some of the areas around the part of town where we picked them up. And it’s awesome to see Outgames athletes and participants everywhere.
Even last night on our way home from dinner, there were a number of athletes coming out of a pub on the corner of the street our hotel is on. But today, from the minute we got to the Metro station, we could spot Outgames people everywhere because they had their credentials and/or backpacks with them. It is really amazing to just keep seeing them.
And the support from the city of Montreal is amazing as well. There are advertisements on the Metro platforms. Stores around the area we got our credentials (which was not in the gay Village) had Outgames themed windows. Plus, our credentials get us free access to the Metro through next Sunday, plus discounts at a variety of Montreal attractions.

Getting around the city has been easier today too. The Metro is quite simple and now that we’re getting the lay of the land a bit, walking around and not getting totally lost is getting easier too. Plus, the Lonely Planet book on the city has been a very handy resource.

The big rumor of the day… Celine Dion might show up at the opening ceremonies! Apparently she’s taken the week off from her Vegas show and there’s some thought it’s to come perform tonight. We’ll see in a few hours