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It was just like Vancouver all over again… Toronto was a tough team and we went down to them 5-0. First period was the first with two goals in the first couple minutes, after that we found our defensive strategy against them and allowed only 1 more goal in the first period, none in the second and 2 in third. We played really well as a team too, best game that I think we’ve played since we got here. And don’t let the score fool you, we had some pretty good offensive moves too, we just couldn’t convert them into goals.

Unfortunately we’ve also got injuries. Kevin got hurt yesterday, falling badly on his knee. He showed up today and it was the size of grapefruit. He played some of the first period, but it just wasn’t meant to be. David got hurt during the game, tweaking his shoulder in the third and that knocked him out for the rest of the game.

We were supposed to play again today, but fog issues on one of the rinks forced the schedule to get redone, so we’re not playing again until 10:20 tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will give them both time to heal up a bit.

So with our extra time, we hung out in the Village area some more, got some rest and are headed to see the Physique competition tonight.