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Dancing with the Stars got us very into ballroom dancing all of a sudden. So we were excited to go to the Dance Sport Grand Ball last night. It was set up as a showcase for a local dance troupe, who prepared numbers around movie musicals (numbers from Cabaret, Chicago, Rent, Victor/Victoria, Grease, What’s Love Got to do With It and others) as well as a chance to see performances by everyone who got a gold during the competition.

The actual production numbers were sorta lame unfortunately (Will asked on the Metro coming back to the hotel if New Yorkers just expected something different with a show since we get Broadway all the time because the crowd assembled seemed to love the numbers). What was exciting for everyone though was the performances from the medalist. Such amazing footwork and so awesome to see same-sex couples waltzing and tangoing, along with the other official ballroom dances.

It made for a great evening out. Here are some videos of the group dances with the gold winners, each of them are about a minute long: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4.