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Despite the loss this morning, Will and I headed into the Village to see one of our favorite authors, Patricia Nell Warren, who wrote The Front Runner, the 1974 ground breaking novel about a gay college athlete who falls in love with his coach, all the while preparing to go the the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

This morning, about the time we were headed to the rink for today’s Wizards game, Warren was out at the track and field competition as the honorary first person to cross the finish line at the 5000m relay. That’s very symbolic because in the book the athlete is killed as he runs that race in the Olympics.

At the Outgames Boutique, Warren spoke to the ground about the importance of events like the Outgames to help breakdown stereotypes and called on each person in the crowd to continue to fight on all fronts until we are fully, equally recognized in all aspects of society.

She also signed books, and Will got his vintage paperback copy signed and we both got to meet her, which is certainly one of the highlights of this trip.