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Ordinals racked up their second consecutive win (and third for the season) last night in an exciting game against the Knights. Following the style that was set in the previous week’s game against Hegemony, the Ordinals played a pretty solid positional game, featuring some great passing and play setups. And everyone had fantastic energy last night too. It was great for me to see Joe and Roman together as an Ordinals wing pair, and also great to see Mike back on the ice. Frankly it was great to see the win, and to be a part of it instead of just getting to hear about it.

The third period was in particular a stunning one. We went into it down 2-1. The team played with a passion to win, playing some tight shifts. Mike quickly got the score tied up, Roman moved us into the win column and then Joe solidified the win further. All that with the fact that we spent the last four minutes of the game working to kill a power play (and one—or two—of the goals were in those minutes). The final score is either 4-2 or 5-2, it’s unclear yet if the last goal actually made it to the scoresheet as the one ref initially said no goal, but then there were further discussions over it. We’ll see what the final score says when it gets posted on the Sky Rink website.

The way the team is turning around in terms of energy, playing style and sheer desire to win is awesome. We’ve got four games left—two against the Wizards, one versus the Turkeys and one with Tsunami—and I think they are going to be some of the best games of the season… which will give us a good springboard into the fall.

Sadly, next week is the last game for one of the founding Ordinals, Chris heads off to LA. This right on the heels of loosing Gabe to SF last week. I’m not sure why all the Ordinals seem to relocate to the West Coast, but there is a definite trend there.

Next week is lots of games too, the Storm play both Friday and Saturday and, of course, the Ordinals play Saturday. And I’m going to stay and skate the 1 a.m. scrimmage too because Laurie and her son Jimmy are going to skate and she and I haven’t gotten to play with Jimmy in a long time.