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The Ordinals extended the winning streak to three last night with a 3-2 victory over the Wizards. It was a little weird playing against the team I just went to Montreal with, but it was satisfying nonetheless to watch the Ordinals keep applying the pressure and not fall into the chippy game the Ordinals were trying to deliver (Johannes himself took 3 penalties in the game). Three games to go before the end of the regular season. It’s great seeing the team coming back together so well and playing some really solid hockey!

It wasn’t such a great game for me last night. I got hurt in the first period, spraining my right hand along the left side. I couldn’t play the second and third periods because I couldn’t hold the stick with any sort of grip. I iced it for the rest of the period, and for the next couple hours, which was good to do because I had to play in the Storm game because they had a short bench. I made it through that game, though not my best effort by any stretch, especially when I had to shoot or pass with any strength.

Storm had a rough couple of games. We lost 0-2 to the Moose on Friday night and then 0-6 against Kenyon on Saturday night. The team, though, as I’ve been writing all along, is playing great. There was solid game play from everyone, with everyone really pouring on some of their personal best play. Storm has a couple more wins in them this season, I just know it. It’s been a blast captaining this team and watching everyone grow individually, and the team grow as a unit.