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The Ordinals extended the win streak to four last night as we beat the Wild Turkeys 9-5. It was one of the best games I’ve ever seen the team play. The scoring was great, spread out between Joe, Mark, Chris (which was cool since it was his last game with us), Neill, David, Bob, Young and Roman (who picked up 2). With 13 people playing last night, that means nearly two-thirds of the team scored. Incredible! I’m particularly happy to see that the scoring doesn’t just sit with the new Roman/Joe/David line, but is spread out. That’s been the case since we added Joe, that the scoring is increasing for other lines as well. I think the new energy these guys have brought is rubbing off on everyone else.

The Storm did loose last night, 0-1 against the Phantoms. It was another good game for Storm though. Positionally we were in fairly good shape and we got our passing game back, which allowed us to keep up some good pressure in the offensive zone. With only a couple games left in the season, I’m hoping the team picks up one more win. It would be a great end to a fun season.

The NYCGHA teams all went out last night after the games too. The Wizards were playing at the same time as the Phantoms/Storm, so we were all aligned to be in the same place at the same time. So, off to View Bar we went for a while. I actually stayed out for about an hour, which is not normal for me who, after two games and at that time of night, would normally just pack it in.

The sprained hand held up pretty well last night. In the Ordinals game I skipped a shift because I got tangled up with someone and moved the hand wrong and that was quite painful. In the Storm game though, it wasn’t a problem at all. And the play went well for me last night, it felt really good. I drew one bad penalty in the Ordinals game, but it was a trip I felt particular gratifying. It’s bad when the captain implores people not to pull penalties and to let the other team just have them, but I let the moment get the better of me (bad captain!).

Hockey is off next weekend for Labor Day and then we head into the final run on Thursday, September 7 (both Ordinals and Storm have make up games that night) and Saturday, September 9, which will wrap up the regular season. If D7 goes top 6 teams, and the Ordinals win the last two, we could find ourselves in playoff position.