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Things were looking bleak early on in the 10pm Wizards/Blizzard game as the Wizards scored the first goal of the game. Unfortunately for us, with the Blizzard shorthanded (only 8 on their bench) and the Andrej / Vince / Brian machine at work yet again for the Wizards, the Ordinals went into the 11:30pm game knowing we had our work cut out for us. The Wizards winning the game meant we had to win and Hegemony had to lose.

Unfortunately the Ordinals did not win, going down to the Tsunami 7-2. It was a hard fought game though, with the team playing quite well. In the end, from my view, it was a matter of more lucky bounces for the Tsunami than for us. The offense played well, pressuring the goalie, but he only let up 2. The defense played much better than Thursday and made some good saves. Sadly, Bob, our leading goal scorer, got hurt early on and had to become a spectator. It was also sad that we couldn’t pull out one more point for Roman, who with an assist or goal would’ve broken the Ordinals record for more points in a season… of course tying the record is not bad either!

Meanwhile, Hegemony didn’t lose and since we lost too, that means the Wizards don’t go forward either!

At least for the Ordinals the second half of the season was FAR better than the first half. I look forward to the fall, which starts up in just four weeks because I think we’ve got a team that’s positioned well to succeed in the division!

As for the Storm last night, it was a 4-0 loss against the Moose. Somehow the team didn’t quite play to the level we have been. I can’t quite put my finger on what was out of synch last night, but it was. No matter… it was still a fun game. One more Storm game next Saturday and then I’ll spend the rest of the off-season just going to Ronnie’s Ice Saturday mornings.