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Storm had its season finale last night with a 4-1 loss against the Moose. But, of course, it was a fun game in which the team played very well. The last seven minutes were particularly interesting because the goalie had to step out of the game, so we had defensemen in the net. Jonathan, Mike and myself took turns in the net and we only let up two goals between the two of us in those minutes. The other five players on the ice did a great job of keeping offensive pressure up, while keeping the puck as away the our net as possible.

Captaining the Storm has been a great experience, among the most happy captaining time I have spent while serving as captains over the various teams in D7 and D8 over the past two years. The team’s never give up attitude was the best I’ve ever seen. No matter the score, the team never gave up and always played with the intent to win. Best of all, everyone on the team played better as the season went on, both individually and as a team. It was simply awesome! I hope the teams for fall are as great as Storm was for tenacity.

Speaking of fall, that starts October 14 for both the Ordinals and the GHA D8 teams. I’ll definitely be captaining the Ordinals, but I’ll just be a player in D8 for Fall. It’ll be nice to be back to a team where I just have to show up and play rather than organizing and such. Hopefully it will let me focus on different elements of my game.

In the off-season I’m back to going to Ronnie’s Ice full time. Starting last week it became earlier. I missed last week, but I did go this week at 6am and it was great. It is back to the core group and there were just 13 players this week. Lots of ice time and fun hockey. It’s going to be a fun winter for sure!

Lastly, my hand continues to be a problem. Even with some physical therapy of squeezing a ball, it is still stiff, sometimes painfully so. I’ve finally broken down and gotten a doctor’s appointment for Thursday morning. It may be nothing, just a slow healing process, but it’s worth getting it checked out in the off season and see what happens.