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I was glad to see, as I showed up at the rink at 3:30 yesterday morning, that my splint does indeed slip into my glove. It would’ve been sad to show up so earlier, only to have to turn around and go back home because I couldn’t play.

The only oddity is that with the steel plate in the splint, it makes the grip on the stick a little weird. But the time the two hours was over yesterday I was better used to it, but I’m glad there are still two or three weeks before the season starts so I can get more used to it.

Ronnie also gave me a couple of great defensive pointers yesterday, which seemed to immediately help how I was playing. How do I know it worked? I actually took the puck off of Joe a couple of times, which is nothing something that I’ve been very successful at. Now I just have to fully integrate that into how I play D.