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Well, the fall season finally gets to start next week. The D7 and D8 playoffs both needed third games, so that pushed off the start of the new season to the 21st. Hence the reason for not so many blog entries of late. But here is some random news:

Phantoms are victorious in D8
The Phantoms, which were put together for the spring/summer the same way Storm was, became the Spring D8 Champions yesterday afternoon in a very exciting 3-2 game. It was game three of the series; they’d lost the first 3-1 and won the second 2-1. Very close games throughout. Their captain asked me to come help out on the bench yesterday to keep their lines in order and to keep the right people on the ice all the time, so it was extra exciting being that close to the game.

Ordinals ready to go
I’ve been spending the weeks in the off-season getting the Ordinals roster ready to go. It’s the strongest roster I think we’ve ever started a season with. I feel like it’s going to be a great season. I know I’ve felt that way before and things don’t quite come together, but I think the mix of people and the lineups that can happen will be excellent. It’s going to be a tough season since the Blizzard and Imperials have combined, plus there’s a new team no one has seen before (that means 11 D7 teams this season). We open against Hegemony next week.

Tigers back for fall
The Tigers (as well as the Hotshots and Rockets) are back for the fall. The lineup for the Tigers is much the same as it was last fall, with the great additional that I’ll get to be playing with Danny since he got placed on that team. It’ll be more fun to play with him that having to be against him. And it will be good to play on a team where I don’t have to do anything other than just play.

The hand continues to heal
The hairline fracture seems to be getting better. I leave the splint on nearly all the time so that it gets as much support to heal as possible. And I’ve only been doing Ronnie’s Ice each week, even though I’d really like to be picking up an extra scrimmage. With the season back next week though, at least I’ll be on the ice a bit more.

In an odd turn of event, since I’m not really the most social member of the NYCGHA, I have actually put together a start of season party (which is also turning into a celebration of the Phantoms victory). We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow night. Here’s hoping it’s a great success!