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The Fall 2006 season got under way last week, but the Tigers didn’t make their season debut until last night. And the Tigers had a great opening with a 4-3 victory over the Rockets. The Tigers are looking really good for the season, we’ve got some members of the Championship Phantoms team from the spring, including Daniel, Brian, Dave F, Dave A and Keith as well as the addition of Vince. Daniel has a great Tigers debut with two goals and newcomer to hockey Grigory picked up an assist. It was a great game, and a lot of fun to be a part of a Tigers win since it has been a long while since I’ve actually been on the ice when the D8 team I’m playing on actually won. GO TIGERS!

The Ordinals started up the fall season last week, so we’ve got two games on the scorecard so far, and unfortunately both have been losses. In the first week, against Hegemony, we just didn’t play all that well and lost 8-2 loss. Last night we were simply against what seemed like a D6 or D5 team as we played BNP. They play a passing game unlike any that I have seen from a truly D7 team. We just couldn’t control the puck all that well against them because BNP players could just take it back from us. We did have some trouble where we were tending to chase after the puck as a pack, much like kids play the game as everyone wants to get the puck rather than playing position. The Ordinals have a lot of good individual talent, I think the key for team success now is figuring out how to use the talent to its best affect and, more importantly, getting all the individuals to play well as a team.

I finally got my hand out of the splint this week. The doctor cleared me to loose the splint as something I have to wear everyday since the hairline fracture has filled in. I do have to wear it to play for the next two months though.

Some sad news came in the past couple weeks as well. Former Tigers player Steve O passed away on October 13. Steve was one of the first people I met as I joined up with the Tigers in the spring of 2002. Not only was he welcoming, he also had lots of advice and guidance for new players and helped me a lot as I was starting out. The Tigers are retiring his number 23 (which was a tribute to the 23 members of the NYPD who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks). Steve will be missed.