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The balancing out of the Ordinals win record continued this week as we beat the Knights with a solid score of 5-2. It was a solid effort all the way around, and it once again pointed out how important positional hockey is to us. The first period was a little scattered, but as soon as we settled down in the second and continued to stay focused in the third, we were able to dominate the game, even against Chris, who is always a solid presence in goal.

Individual players had a good game too: Roman had a three point game, David picked up two goals, Bob and Bill picked up a goal each (and for Bill, it was his first Ordinals goal). Defense was solid, helped out by the addition of Bob’s son Michael, but Adrian and Jonathan (who continues to settle into D7 nicely) also had some great moves.

I hope we’re able to keep playing this sort of game because it’s just all the more clear that it works for us! The game did have issues though. With a scuffle with about a minute left to go. It sounds like the Knights will have one player suspended as a result. So far, it sounds like the Ordinals may not pick up any suspensions, but the whole thing did taint the end of the game, making it harder to celebrate our victory.

It was not such a good week for the Tigers, which lost 3-0 against the Rampaging Moose. It’ll be good to get back with the Tigers on December 2.

Not much hockey going on this week because of the holidays. My sole time out on the ice will be the NYCGHA scrimmage on Sunday afternoon.