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It was a great Saturday morning Ronnie’s ice today. There were a odd number of people on hand, 14, which is quite a lot for 4am. But it made for some good drills, including some drills we’d not done before. The scrimmage was really good, a lot of end-to-end skating for me since I was playing defense but would also skate the puck up in to the offensive zone.

I actually converted one of those rushes into a goal. I skated down the right side boards, past a couple of defenders who tried to cut me off. One of them kept me from turning into shoot near the face off dot in the offensive zone, so I ended up getting across near the goal line and I went in just in front of the crease, avoiding the goalies attempt to poke the puck away and actually dumped the puck into the far side of the net. I’ve been trying to get this to work a couple of times, and it was awesome that it finally connected.

It was great to skate so hard too. Work was beyond stressful this week, and since NaNoWriMo was keeping me away from the gym so that I’d have time to write, this morning’s skate was very much needed.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s games for the same reason! Ordinals vs. Blizzard at 7p and Tigers vs. Angry Hornets at 8:30p. Back-to-back games is going to be a lot of fun!