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The Ordinals winning streak continued last night with a impressive 9-2 victory over the Blizzard (that’s the new-to-D7 Blizzard rather than the former D7 Blizzard that the Ordinals had never beaten). We started out with a early in the first period goal, and just kept rolling on. The Blizzard did tie it up 1-1 briefly, but after that we just kept rolling along, consistently racking up the score. It was Ordinals hockey like it was supposed to be played with high energy (including no second period slump) and really smart game play. The scoring was also spread around the team, which is something I love to see happen. The game’s MVP was Joe, scoring the first Ordinals hat trick in quite a while (he actually went on to score a total of four goals and scored five points because he also had an assist) There were some other impressive scorers last night as Roman picked up five points (with four assists and one goal), Mike got three points for a goal and two assists and Bob also picked up two goals. I hope we keep playing at this level, because it’s this sort of play that will get us into the playoffs.

We were sadly without David last night, who ended up suspended for “abuse of official” in the aftermath of the Knights game two weeks ago. We’ll be without him until our January 6 game. Interestingly, there seem to be no suspensions posted against the Knights even though I’d been told twice that one of their players would be suspended.

The Tigers also saw a continuation of a streak, albeit a loosing one. We fell 3-0 against the Angry Hornets. The Hornets played great, and I had a good time working the defense against them. But it was like a shooting gallery. I couldn’t even get a chance to try and rush the puck up because there was never a corridor available. It was more important to just get the puck out of our defensive zone. Next week I get another Tigers game, and that will be fun.

All the skating was great yesterday. Was nice to have the chance to do Ronnie’s plus two games. It was exactly what I needed!