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The Tigers losing streak continues with the fourth shut out loss with the Sled Dogs posting a 3-0 victory for themselves. After playing a strong first two games, the record now stands at 2-4 for the Tigers and it feels a lot like the Tigers of old with a lot of wild passes (either ones that really go nowhere or ones that simply push the puck ahead allowing it to be picked up before the person who passed it up can catch up to it) and a lot of gliding instead of energetic skating.

In fact, in terms of gliding, someone on the bench last night said that some members of the team looked more like they were enjoying a skate at Central Park rather than skating in a hockey game. And it was quite evidenced by the Sled Dogs who were skating hard at every opportunity, often leaving our guys lagging behind.

Be that as it may, I still had a good time last night. It was fun playing with Grigory as a defensive partner last night. He’s showing a lot of good instincts and skill, all the more impressive since it’s his first season on the ice. And I felt like I played a solid game, which is all I can ask of myself because I refuse to be on the list of Central Park skaters.

There was a star sighting at the rink last night. Tim Robbins was there watching a game on one of the rinks. Word was he was watching his son play. I saw him as I walked back to the locker room that I use, chatting with another parent that I’ve seen around the rink. That was pretty cool!

One more week of league hockey before the holidays now. The Tigers have already finished for 2006, but the Ordinals have one more game, against the higher ranked Wildmen.