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It was a good reverse from last week. For this week’s scrimmage I played forward and got on the same line with Robb and Laurie. It was a blast! It was a great line and we played together really well. I think the opposing side only scored on us once while we were out (at least it was a friend and Ordinals teammate that did that). I don’t think I’ve ever played on the same line as Robb before and that was really good. I was at center and he was on left wing and we were really good at switching positions as needed… such as if he could get back on defense faster than I could, he would take up the center position and I’d take the wing slot minding the point and preparing for a breakout should the opportunity arise.

It was a fun 80 minutes, and a good cap to hockey 2006. One of my goals for ’07 is to improve my shooting abilities so that I can be a more reliable scorer when I’m playing forward, but also so i can have a shot from the point for while I’m playing defense. Hopefully I can accomplish this goal sooner rather than later!