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BNP has always been difficult for the Ordinals and last night was no exception as we lost 6-2. We played well. I’m pretty sure we had more shots on their goal than they had on ours, but they caught all the right breaks and we didn’t. One of the keys I think with us was that we often didn’t have the follow up at the net. It was one of those games where one player when get down to the offensive zone to shoot, but then have no one with him to take care of the rebound.

I got to play center last night because we were short (we played with 11 instead of the preferred 13). I had a good time there. It had been a while since I’d centered for the Ordinals and it was fun attempting to keep up with Roman and Joe, who I seemed to be out with most often.

We also had the return of a couple players we haven’t seen in a while. Andrew hasn’t been around this season so far because of his work schedule, but he was able to come play–and he might be around more often now that he is getting into a new job. And Scott got one game in before he heads overseas for a few months. All-in-all, not a bad night… and the game was fun and well played even though we came out on the loosing end.

I didn’t play with the Tigers last night, but I’ve heard they crashed 7-0 against Kenyon last night, no surprise really because Kenyon is a super tough team! The Tigers are trying to get together a coached practice with the Hotshots on 1/27 to help the teams perform better.

Next week the Ordinals are off, but I will be playing with the Tigers as they go up against the Hornets.