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  • The weather continues to be weird. All weekend it was in the mid-40s, drizzly, foggy, cloudy and generally icky. Yes, it’s better weather than the Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, area where the icy winter storm has been, but it’s also not proper New York January weather.
  • The NHL All-Star game is two weeks away (Wednesday, January 24) It will be cool to see Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin not only playing on the same team, but on the starting line! I was sad to hear, however, that Jormir Jagr isn’t playing. He was voted to the All-Star Game, but he is taking the time off to heal up some injuries. It is sad though the the All-Star game is relegated to some channel called Versus. I hadn’t even heard of that until I looked tonight to find out who was carrying it. Thankfully Time Warner has the channel so I can see the game, although not in HD like it would be if it was on something like NBC or ESPN.
  • I read late last week that Meryl Streep is starring in the movie version of the ABBA musical Mamma Mia! I have to say I’m surprised. While I love ABBA music, the musical was pretty awful because of its extremely weak book. I doubt it will get much better on the big screen since the book writer is apparently writing the screenplay. I would’ve thought Streep would’ve gone for something with a little more meat in the story. But it will be cool to see her singing some ABBA classics like “Dancing Queen.”
  • Spring Awakening is a great musical with a great cast recording. It’s the first interesting rock musical since Rent. Remember Duncan Sheik, who had the song “Barely Breathing” in the mid-90s? He did the stunning music and lyrics for the show. Check out the website for a sample of the music.
  • I saw an ad for the return of Lost. I can’t say I’m impressed. After the lame episodes that started the season, and the less-than-interesting promo, I think I’m done with this show.
  • I’m thrilled The L Word has returned to something that resembles how good it was in the first season. I was almost done with that show too, but checked out the season premiere two weeks ago and just watched the second show and I am back to being a fan.