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From a game perspective it was not a good night. The Tigers lost to the Hornets 7-2 (at least I think that was the score, it’s not posted yet so I’m not 100% sure). The Tigers had some good moves and I think we would’ve scored more except we weren’t always in the right position. That was especially true for rebounds. It was like the Ordinals game the week before where one person would carry the puck quickly down, but then no one was with that player to pick up rebounds or to help out. It was frustrating since I drove down a couple times last night only to find the majority of my teammates still up the ice, or wildly out of position.

Regardless of how the game turned out though, it was still a good skills weekend for me. It was defensive play all day yesterday. It started out good at Ronnie’s in the morning. The scrimmage felt really good. I was playing D with folks like David and Andre and picked up some good tips and felt like I was making some smart plays. The Tigers game last night was good too. I felt like I played some good stuff there too, and I felt faster than usual. I had three runs up the ice that were pretty good in terms of speed and getting around people. I also had some good stuff at the blue line helping to get plays back in after the puck would go off sides.

Next week there’s a lot of stuff going on. The Ordinals are back in play, this time against the Wizards, which guarantees a fun game (Andrej are you reading this? Are you going to be playing?). The Tigers are against the Hotshots which will also be fun, and those teams are practicing together immediately after the game, which will be good for both teams.

In the realm of watching hockey, the All-Star game is this week (on Wednesday… why is it on a Wednesday?) and I’m looking forward to watching Crosby and Overchkin on the same line!