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Last night saw both the Ordinals and Tigers win their games!

The Ordinals had the first game of the night, going against the Wizards. I always enjoy playing the Wizards because it’s an even match up and usually a close game. Last night was no exception. The final score was 3-2 in our favor and the drama went right down to the final seconds as the Wizards pulled their goalie and did everything they could to tie up the score. We met the challenge though and held tough even with their best skaters on the ice. The game was also one of the absolute best the Ordinals have ever played. The passing and skating were great. We did have some issues with positional play for a bit in the second period, but we mostly cleaned that up in the third. Seven games to go in the season and if we keep playing like we are (or, even better, if we take it up a notch or two) we should get into playoffs. It really is awesome watching everyone on the team getting individually better too! It’s going to be a good seven weeks, I can just feel it.

The Tigers, meanwhile, snagged their first win since week 2 of the season with a 4-2 victory over the Hotshots. Even more impressive than the victory was that we got it by coming from behind after being down 0-2 during the first period. The team played well, much better than in previous weeks so it was appropriate that we picked up a win for playing a more solid game.

I felt good in both games, even though I helped allow the two goals that were scored in the Tigers game. The first one happened because I didn’t block as well as was needed. The second was just out of position, for which there was no good reason, it’s just the way it happened. The two goals that happened in the Wizards game happened while I wasn’t on the ice so I was happy to not have to take responsibility for any part of that.

The Tigers and Hotshots also had a coached, whistle stop practice after our game last night. That was a tremendous benefit. The coach helped both teams understand better positioning on the ice and better strategy. I had a great time with the practice, although it wore me out. Even though the Tigers had a full bench for the game, not everyone could stay for the practice and I ended being one of two D on the ice for the entire scrimmage. I took a couple quick breaks for some Powerade during the stop in play, and I’d work to stay stretched as we stopped. I got a couple good tips for my defensive play, which are always good to get. Most of all it was great to see the team take to the instruction so well. If the team remembers everything we learned, we’re going to be so much more effective in games. With all the ice time, though, I’ve been incredibly sore today… but it was all worth it!

On a related note, it I got to see a lot of the people I’ve helped bring into the NYCGHA on the ice last night. Danny, Erik, Phillip, and Eddie were all on the ice, either in games that I watched or played in. It was great seeing all of them in the game and doing well in all instances. It was Erik’s first game last night, so I’m glad I got to see that, even though I was playing against him. Even better, it was good to know they are all having an good time playing.

Next week its Ordinals vs. Knights and Tigers vs. Rockets… and I’ll be playing in both. I am already looking forward to it!