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I just got home from a Friday night Tigers game (Friday night in an effort to help get the schedule back on track from some of the many bye weeks we’ve had). We lost to the Angry Hornets 6-2. I had a great time in the game, and felt like I was playing pretty well. The one problem was that I seemed to be a puck magnet. I took four slap shots to the body. The first one came in my second shift of the night — right in the stomach, below my chest protector so it really hurt… a sharp stinging pain. I ended that shift early because of the pain. The very next shift out, a took another shot in my shin. Luckily that was right on the padding so it didn’t hurt at all.

Next up in the second period I got hit right in the face mask, so that was a bit surprising… but again no pain. Towards the end of the 2nd period though I took a shot just below my elbow and that ended the game for me. It was like getting hit in the funny bone, only 100x worse. Luckily the period ended seconds after that since the pain was shooting down into my hand (and intense enough that I was very close to crying). I skated off and got ice to ease the swelling that was already starting and finished the game as a spectator.

I wish I could’ve stayed in the game since I felt like I was playing pretty good. And I wish I could’ve stayed and maybe helped out the team more too since my leaving unbalanced the lines too.

Tomorrow (or I suppose that’s later today) the Ordinals take on Tsunami while the Tigers go against Kenyon. I only play the Ordinals game tomorrow (provided the elbow doesn’t freak out more–as I write this it’s swollen and already turning purple) because both games are at 10pm.