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The Ordinals lost again last night in what started out to be a very give-and-take game and turned into a 3 point loss. The great news of the evening was that Joe picked up the first Ordinals hat trick of the season! It was great to see his game kick into high gear as I swapped around the lineup for the wingers. The new configuration of the second line caught fire last night with the team’s four goal all coming from second line players.

Unfortunately the final score ended up at 7-4. The score had been back and forth with one side scoring and then the other. But after 4-4, became 5-4 and then 6-4 and 7-4 over the course of the third period we could never generate the right moves to bring the score back to the plus side for us. But, as the 4th and 5th goal for the Tsunami happened, we fell into some undisciplined play and it cost us. We had a bench coach last night who tried his best to talk us out of lapsing–trying to make us play position, stay in our lanes and stop bunching up–but it just didn’t happen. We meet up with the Tsunami again in two weeks, I hope we’ll rise to the occasion.

I am happy to report that my injuries from Friday didn’t keep me from playing last night. My elbow and stomach are both turning multiple colors, and while both hurt a bit during the day (and during the game), nothing stopped me from playing at full intensity. I am sure, however, that both are going to look really nasty within the next couple days.